How to Trade with Icons on FIFA 22

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Icons are the most rare cards throughout the year. That's why they fluctuate so well on the market. At the end its about getting good deals on cheap prices for several icons and selling afterwards in order to gain profit. There are different ways to start icon trading and I will show you how.


fifa 22 player icons


In this selection you can see several Icons which are available in the game filtered on FUTBIN. All of them are potentially good for flipping but they have to reach a low where they could rebound from to bring profit.


Your budget 


It's important that you have at least about 2.000.000 coins to work effectively with this method. If you got less than that, I would recommend trying another trading method of our roster. Use your budget wisely. It's not recommended to tie up a lot of your budget to a card, where you gain just a little bit of FIFA coins. The risk is too high. A possible deal should have the potential of a profit which is equal to the 5% tax or more of course.


For example: If you buy a card for 198.000 coins, you should at least aim for about 220.000 coins on selling that card.


Learn the prices 


Icon trading is all about information and being fast. At first, I recommend checking the prices of several icons between 100-250.000 coins. Memorize the prices of these cards. Check the low and the peak of the card. Consider, if it's worth buying at the current low. You can focus on certain positions at first like strikers in order to have less players. You can learn the prices on FUTBIN, but you can check the current market on the 59th minute as well and watch how players get sold. At the beginning you can use FUTBIN parallel as well, but you will miss deals, because someone else who knows the prices will be faster. 


average price


In this picture you can see the price fluctuation of a certain icon player. You will acknowledge that there is a fluctuation where the card reaches several peaks & lows during one day. You have to analyze the peaks in order to find your best price to buy.


59th minute sniping


In my opinion, the way to go on icon trading. Set your filter and move to the current listings of icons and check what's offered. Here you'll find undercuts and deals where you can gain profits from in a short term. It works fine on the consoles.


fifa 22 player icons


The 59th minute mark offers the opportunity to snipe lcons which just got listed. As you're one of the first to see them, you have a good chance of getting one when they're listed under market value. But in order to be fast, you have to learn the prices!




You can use the "Indexlcons" tool on FUTBIN as well in order to spot the current ups and downs of certain icons. Focus on the downs, because they are most likely to rebound. Check the lows and peaks as well and decide if you buy at the current price.


This table shows the biggest movers (up and down) in the Icon market. Especially the Icons which lost in value the most are interesting as a rebound to their usual price offers a possibility to sell them with a profit. To get a deeper view on an Icon you can look at their daily graph. 


Icon Trading is one of the best trading methods but you have to learn a lot and gain experience in order to make big profits. Like everywhere else, losses are part of the game and will help you to make better decisions in the future.

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