Refund Policy always guarantees the safety of purchases from all customers and ensures the price is low and fair. Please order here with no concern.


The Policy of refund

1. The buyer could ask for a refund before the order was completed without any condition.

2. We will fully refund the payment back to the buyer when the order couldn't be completed in 72 hours.

3. We won't perform a refund in the situation of order was completed.


Resolution of order with issues

Because of the wrong information filling by the customer, which causes the delay of the delivery, we will contact the customer by email the first time to help them correct the information. We will try to email the customer while filling out the order 24 hours and 48 hours after the first email is sent.


Resolution of shortage in the stock

For the orders those couldn't be completed in time due to the shortage of stock, we will offer options to help customers resolve it. And we will refund the money to customers immediately who don't want to wait, but if you can wait a while, we will try our best to restock as soon as possible.


Resolution of other problems

Please contact us at live_chat or email [email protected] if the order couldn't be completed in time by any specific circumstance.

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