How to make coins in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team

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FIFA 22 Coins Guide


In this article, I will cover lots of different methods, showcasing and explaining different ways to make FUT 22 coins for all trading abilities and budgets.


A quick message you should read before the rest of the guide:


The web app is a grind, you need to accept that. Whilst trading for most of Fifa 21 you may be trading with icons or specials, and getting thousands or even tens of thousand coins profit per card, that won't work. You need to be content with slowly building up a coin balance, even 100 coins per card is good at the start of the game. Whilst it may seem little, putting time in and working efficiently means you can win loads of deals and the small profits will add up evidently.

Your mindset needs to almost completely change going into the new game, as I said before you have to be content with small profits, and you also have to realise that investing, especially holds longer than 12-24 hours, are not very viable. Overnight rises are known to be very good in the first few days, and those are worth it because you are making coins while you sleep. However having coins locked away in investments when you could be actively trading is not good, even if those investments rise you will probably see a much better return in actually trading. A simple rule to go by is - if you could be flipping at that time, do not invest.


Mass Bidding

Silver Trading

Shadow and Hunter Trading

Position Change Method

Rash Investing

Solution Trading


Mass Bidding


The perfect starter technique for someone just getting into trading. Small profits but can be done on almost any budget and is super easy


Mass bidding is arguably the easiest methods of making coins at the early stages of Fifa, and really defines the grind as you won't be looking at massive profits but they will slowly build up over time. For this method you want to be looking at 100 coins profit per card, but it is easy to make more than that.


It's a simple concept, you set up a bidding filter, bid on every card you see and sell them for a small profit. There are a couple ways you can do this. My personal favourite way is to bid on 10- 15 cards at the cheapest possible price, then go onto your transfer targets and try win the bids up to about 100 coins profit. For example if a card is 750 coins, you bid on some for 300-500 coins, you may win some for that price but you can continue bidding up to about 600 coins where you will still have a good profit margin. Another way you could do this is to just bid on as many cards as possible for the same price and hope you win them. For example say a card is selling for 750 coins, you bid on as many cards as possible for 600 coins and hope you win some, as it will leave you with just over 100 coins profit.


For example you could set up a filter like this, for this let's imagine gold non-rare prem defenders are worth 700 coins. Set the max BID price to 550 coins, as this will show me cards that currently have abid for 550 coins or less. Using either of the bidding strategies explained previously, you can then pick these cards up and sell them. Remember to check the price of the cards frequently as prices change a  lot during the early stages, and you don't want to overpay or bid for too little. Sometimes certain players can sell for more than the cheapest on your filter. In this example Ben Mee goes for 2000 coins, SO if you win him you can make even more profit. Check every player as they may go for a premium!


If you are using the second bidding strategy mentioned before, setting this to 50/100 coins below the max BIN can make it easier to buy


Prices of these cards can be volatile at the start of the game so I would try and sell them fairly quickly. You don't have to undercut the market heavily, I recommend matching the cheapest price on the market for each card, unless there are more than 5 at that price, in which case undercut by as little as possible.


The filter used in the example will work but try and create a unique filter that has little competition but also have plenty of deals. I wouldn't really trust anyone saying 'use this exact filter' as it will become overpopulated and be very hard to get deals. You can flip basically any card from top 5 leagues or top 9 nations, and I personally prefer using non-rares but you can use whatever filter you want really. 


This method won't make you an instant millionaire, but it is a good way to have a steady income of coins and is very basic So can be done by basically anyone. This filter is best utilised on the web app as it is a lot easier to track all the cards you are bidding on simultaneously


Player's aren't the only thing you can bid on to make coins, consumables are often overlooked in trading entirely but they have good value and do not usually have as much competition as players. The same strategies for bidding on players can also be used on consumables, know the price of the consumable, and bid on them either mass winning deals a bit below market value or trying to win them as cheap as possible. Some examples of consumables that are usually good to bid on are:


- French and Brazilian Managers, other top 9 nations may work well but these are best

- Shadow, Hunters and other expensive chem styles

- CAM to CM and other expensive position modifiers


Another small trick you can do with consumables is buy a manager from a demanded nation, eg Brazil or France, buy a Premier League manager league for 200 coins, apply that manager league to the manager and sell. This should give you a small amount of profit each time and is very easy to do. Make sure you check the price of the manager with and without the league. Specific managers do not usually matter as people will just buy the cheapest one from the league/nation they need.


Silver Trading


A little bit more advanced, and requires a bit higher of a budget. This method offers great ROI at the start of the game but takes time and patience


When most people hear silver trading their mind instantly goes towards league SBC's, and that is fair enough as trading with League SBC silvers is a very effective method throughout a lot of the year. However the first League SBC'a are not introduced until a month or 2 into the full game cycle, meaning the silver's used have no demand and thus are ineffective to trade with. However, silvers used to complete Foundation SBCS have a very high demand, and not much supply early on making them very good to trade with.


You first need to identify which players are good to trade with. If you want to do it yourself though, you need to understand what makes the cards expensive. Silvers from the Top 9 Nations are usually the best as people will normally have a couple untradeable bronzes and silvers from when they pick their starter squad, and build off that.


Top 9 Nations


It is the SBC shown - One Nation Midfield in League and Nation Basics - that is the main reason Silver's are expensive, and it cards used for this that I would focus on trading with. As mentioned previously people may have a couple untradeables from the top 9 nations, and will then need to finish the squad. The specific chem requirements mean you have to use midfielders, so uttackers and defenders will not be good to trade with. You also need 5 leagues, meaning you will need multiple players from the same nation but not from their 'home' league. There are very few of these cards in these cases and that's what makes them desired.


As you would with Shadow and Hunter trading, write down the price they are going for, and update those prices daily, ideally multiple times per day. You then want to go through the players 1 by 1, and look on the market for any undercuts or bidding opportunities.


It is important to realise that these prices are very volatile. This can be good for trading, as they will fluctuate a lot which gives a nice opportunity for profit. However these card's demand doesn't last for long and they have a very severe downtrend for the most part, they will occasionally peak when the full release comes out, early access starts etc, but after the full release they will keep dropping for a week or 2 until they are dead cards. You have to be wary of this downtrend, if a card crashes heavily do not go all in thinking it may be a fluctuation, as they may not rebound. This is also why selling cards quickly is crucial to avoid potential losses, even on the days they are predicted to spike it is still risky and not worth holding (holding is also bad as it prevents you from actively trading).


Shadow and Hunter Trading


One of my personal favourites. This one is a bit hard for beginners but if done efficiently can offer great profits. It is more suited to higher budgets


One of my favourite methods to use at the start of the year is to flip gold cards that have shadow and hunter chemistry styles attached. This worked better in previous years when these chem styles were rarer and at some points were worth over 20k, but in Fifa 21 they were changed from non-rare to rare So supply increased a lot. Despite this the demand is still there as they are the most popular chem styles especially early game, and still go for a few thousand coins. This means that players with the chemistry style already applied to them will sell for a premium.


However, some people forget they have that chemistry style applied, or forget/don't realise it makes them sell for a premium. This means they will list the card at the going rate without the chemistry style, normally a couple thousand below the price with the chem style. This means you can buy the card at the undercutted price and sell for a nice profit


For this method to work effectively you need to trade with demanded meta players who are heavily demanded with these chem styles. For example, Gold Sissoko with no chem style may be 20k, but with a shadow worth 23k (these are made up numbers but not an unrealistic price difference).


People will accidentally list their Sissoko w/ Shadow for 20k - or even less sometimes - So if you buy it you get around 2k PAT. This is very nice profit but not insane ROI, this method is something more suited for lower budgets. Combining this with fluctuations is also good. Sissoko's shadow price may vary daily between 21k and 23k (example prices), always sell at the highest possible price!


You do not want to be trading with just 1 player however, as deals will not be super frequent on just that 1 card. However there are a lot of cards to trade with so deals will pop a lot if you use the correct filter.


You can search filter and go to the 59th minute (the page usually near the end, when most of the cards are expiring in or around 59 minutes) and look for deals.


Another way of using the filter is called compare price back out- it was patched this year but is rumoured to return this year, You have to be on console, and by pressing compare price and then backing out of the compare price screen, the page refreshes and shows newly Listed cards.


To make this method as efficient as possible you need to know the selling prices for the cards. Checking Futbin or backing out or manually checking the price is inefficient and a lot of the time will be the difference between winning and losing the deal. Have a list of players who pop up frequently on the filter, and every day (multiple times a day ideally, especially pre and post 6pm difference) write down the price you see them sell for with a shadow, you can either just look at the cheapest on the market or add them to your transfer targets to double check if they sell, just incase it is an absurdly high fluctuation. You write these prices down on paper or on a spreadsheet - whatever is easiest for you. If you find this to be too much effort Flair offers his trading guide in which he will update prices for some of these cards - you can get this via his twitch for £3.99 or free with Twitch Prime.


Being meta cards the prices do have a gradual downtrend so it is important you do not hold the cards for a long time, make sure they are sold quickly to avoid potential losses. This is also why it is extra important you learn the prices daily, as what may have been a deal the day before may not be that day.


Position Change Method


This won't be your main method, but is a fantastic source of side income early on, and is doable even past the early stage of the game


Position change method is fairly self explanatory - you buy a card, apply a position modifier to it and sell it. Whilst most position modifiers normally only go for a couple hundred coins, people are lazy and will happily pay a premium to save time. Since you are converting them away from their natural position, it is quite uncommon for people to list cards in their not normal position, meaning there is not much supply. This means the difference is a lot larger than the price of the position modifier allowing for a nice profit margin.


This method will not be your main money maker, because cards can sometimes be hard to sell and listing too many will make it even harder, and probably end up crashing the price of that player in that position. Despite this, it is a great bit of side income to have in the early game that takes little effort, you can spend just a couple minutes an hour focusing on this and still have a very nice stream of coins coming in whilst you trade doing the other methods.


For example, Lala is naturally a RWB and 2k on the market, but if you use a RWB > RB position modifier (you can get this on bid for 150 coins or buy for 200) he is worth 4.5k. This means it would cost 2.2k to buy him and make him a RB (cheaper if you buy him on bid/snipe) and you can sell for about 2k profit. It may be hard to sell him but if you are persistent with relisting, and use multiple players you should be able to steadily build coins. The best players to use are ones useful for SBC'S - especially advanced SBC's - and are not in the ideal position. For example converting RWB and LWB to RB and LB work well, as well as RW and LW to RM and LM. As mentioned in the other guides learn the prices, learn them daily, and try and sell on a high fluctuation. These cards will have less of a downtrend but still try and sell them fairly quickly.


Rash Investing


Most people know what it is, but I thought I would make something small on it to explain it to those who don't, it is very effective at the start of the game


I assume the majority of people know what rash investing is, but I wanted to add it to this because it can be very effective in the beginning. If you don't know what it is, basically when 6pm content is released every day, you want to check what SBC'S and objectives are released, and buy players needed for the and are likely to rise. This is very effective early on and throughout the game cycle, but it is better in the beginning as people have less players in their club So are more likely to buy them off the transfer market.


An example of when this is effective is when Marquee Matchups is released. In the first few weeks the lower rated teams will need mainly silvers, and since they have basically no supply it doesn't take much for them to rise. The silver s from the league required in the SBC, especially CB and wingers if required, will rise nicely. This is just one of many scenarios in which rash investing can be extremely effective, and can take little time to make coins, but the opportunity only happens once a day. You have to act quick as well, even in a minute or 2 the players can shoot up in price So getting in early is key!


Solution Trading


By far the hardest, and by far the most profitable. It takes a lot of practice and I only recommend it to people who are already decent at trading and are looking for a new challenge


Solution Trading is where you create SBC solutions on Futbin that people will use and buy the players for, causing them to rise. It is by far the most profitable method early game and is still a great method throughout the entire year, however it is also by far the most difficult method - it is both hard to learn and master. If you want to learn solution trading before Fifa 22 you can practice it in Fifa 21 but it may not be as good because there are less people completing SBC's overall at this stage of the game.


When using this method in the early stages of the game you want to focus on advanced SBC's. What I recommend is working with the middle 2 squads of Hybrid Leagues and Hybrid Nations, because the easiest squad has too many possible solutions, meaning more people can complete it on their own, and the highest squad has too few possible solutions So it is hard to force a player to rise


You can either use a solution someone has already made, or build one yourself - the latter is better So I will focus on that. On the below you can see a solution for 'Elite Eight', the 3rd segment of Hybrid Nations - when I am writing this it is the cheapest solution for this SBC. Building solutions that are cheap (preferably the cheapest) is crucial to having this work because it is what most people will use. Try avoiding having to have players with position change or loyalty as people will be more likely to use the solutions without that. Making cheap solutions may be hard at first but with practise you will learn naturally how to build them, you can also look at current solutions and try make them cheaper.


When building your solution you need to have a player in mind, that you know you will include and will be important to the solution. Using the example squad on the below you can see who is considered important. Vargas and Wu Lei I wouldn't consider important as you can use any strong link between 2 players from same club/different nations. Moisander and Zentner I would also say are not important as you can use any CB/GK from the Bundesliga. Guendouzi and Tousart are important to this solution as itis a perfect link from a specific nation and league - they are very hard to substitute, especially as Guendouzi counts towards the required amount of rares. In this case Tousart is someone I would look at buying in hopes of a rise, as common cards have less supply than rares


FIFA 21 Squad Builder


Once your solution is built, it can take up to a minute for it to appear on the solution list. It is now a bit of a waiting game but you need to pay very close attention to the card you have bought. There is some luck involved, for example the prices may update too quickly meaning the solution is no longer one of the cheapest, or sometimes there is just not many people doing the SBC at that exact time. Unfortunately this means it will not work every time, but when it works it works amazingly. Since it is not 100% success rate I would not go heavy into 1 card for a solution, and only buy 1 player for each solution (going off the example previously you would only buy Tousart). I believe an ideal amount would be to buy 5-10 of that 1 player when you get him into a solution, maybe only buy 2 or 3 if you are just starting out. Once a player has stopped rising, you list only a couple at a time, and undercut the market by a few hundred coins to ensure you get them gone, it's not worth risking the extra coins.


Also if you have any recommendations for guides to make next let me know.


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