FIFA 22 Web App Starter Guide: How To Make Coins Early

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make coins on fifa22 web app


Generating FIFA 22 coins in the early stages of the game gives you a huge boost and allows you to progress at a must faster rate across the first few weeks.


How To Start The Grind

We are looking to maximize the few options we have during the web app phase and obtain the maximum amount of coins possible!

- Loyalty Packs. Players that have played previous editions of FUT on the same account, will receive a selection of loyalty packs upon loading the game. Sell everything, almost all of it has some sort of value!

- Daly Web App Rewards. Logging into the web-appeach day during this promotion usually grants the user a small reward. This can range from a bronze pack to around 10,000 coins.


Silver Player Trading

This is a simple yet effective trading method to start things off, especially when you are on a couple of thousand coins or so. We aren't looking for investments, we are looking for cards that we can quickly flip here!

- SBC Value. If we see any SBC's with a silver requirement or any League SBC's released super early, this is a good place to focus on!

- Wider Filters. Basic stuff such as "Premier League, Silver, Max 200 coins" can give you an effective filter in the very early stages, Get more creative, add nations, clubs, positions and you can find a small gold mine. We of course will be around to help with such filters when the time is right!



- Stadium Items. This might come as a surprise but players are willing to spend a lot of coins on cosmetic items alone. Anything from seat colors, cannons, songs, kits, and even badges can return a decent amount of coins. Always consider the demand here, bigger clubs, more favorable colors, and those crazy songs are where the real money can be found!

- Position Changes/Chemistry Styles. Since changing a large amount of these cards from Non-Rare to Rares, supply has been a lot more accessible across the cycle. At the start of the cycle, our only focus should be on the very top options, such as Hunter/Shadow cards and key position changes.


Mass Bidding/Sniping

One of the basics of trading and we will release guides focusing on how these work in the near future. For now though, just have a think about unique approaches and filters that could earn you those extra coins.

- Filters. Certain clubs have several higher value cards from the same nation/position, this makes the filter much stronger than targetting just a single player.


Early SBC & Flips/Futbin Solution Trading

- Marquee Matchup's. Last year we saw much broader requirements for this weekly challenge, making investments a little tougher, but with proper preparation and the right targets, there is still plenty of profit to be found! UCL MM's are often the exception here, as requirements are usually more precise often requiring X players from each club featuring, or even UCL cards themselves!

- Advanced SBC Trading. These methods are almost fundamental in the early stages of the game and can make all the difference to coin totals moving into the full release. Not only are we looking to complete these challenges ourselves, but by learning the core solutions (usually select nations that are viable), we can trade specific players on their fluctuations. We will go into this in a lot more depth nearer the time!


Stupid Price Caps

We've seen it happen for years now! EA release cards and set their price caps way too low. If you are quick with those fingers, and/or enjoy sniping, this is always a fantastic approach to take! We will guide you through targets as and when it happens of course!


Out Of Pack Investments

Another investment here, but again it's one that can turn some fantastic profits. There are a few batches of cards that will leave packs around the start of the year and those are the ones that warrant our attention.

- TOTW. We will likely have a TOTW in packs when the game is launched, so our focus may turn towards the second TOTW unless we are in a position where we can buy the first batch for cheap enough.

- OTW. Any meta cards, for example, Varane, Lukaku, that are likely to have an OTW released, can see a big price rise on the NIF gold cards. This can be a fantastic investment for those of us who can generate enough coins in a shorter period of time.


Early Meta Player Investments

As we already stated, FIFA 22 coins are the most important asset we can have early on. As each day passes more players gain access to the game, generating more coins on the market and a higher demand for players. The more meta a card is (think Varane, F.Mendy, etc), the greater the percentage rise will become release! Don't worry about this too much as we will have lists, targets, and prices ready for when the game drops!

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