Best Tools for FUT Trading on FUTBIN

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FUTBIN is the best source to get information on the price fluctuation of all available cards on the market. Next to that, it offers many useful tools for trading.


FUTBIN explained

FUTBIN is the place to be if you trade in FUT. It's a database where you can track the current prices of Ultimate Team cards for all consoles. There are many tools which are useful for tracking price fluctuation, but the simplest is just tracking down the graph of a player and analyzing the price of the last days. You can spot a pattern of how the price moves during the day. Mostly it's a decrease of the price in the evening until the early morning and an increase along the day. But it's different for every card and as always depending on demand/supply. Make sure to check the right price of your console. In the following, we will look at the best features of FUTBIN.


Best tools for trading on FUTBIN 



On FUTBIN you have the possibility to look up the price fluctuation of cards from the last year. This will help you to understand the development of most cards during the year in the current game as well. No matter if fodder, meta cards, or others. In order to understand why prices developed like this, I can recommend looking up the last year's schedule, where you'll find content releases which impacted the price ( is reliable). They won't release the same SBCS again, but some of them like lcon SBCS are most likely to come back during the same time as last year.


fifa 21 players



The popular section lists players which are very demanded on the market. That's where you find interesting cards for trading. If you see players in the top 5 rankings, there is some current hype going around and you have to understand why they are demanded. Often it's because of new cards in general, good links, or demanded cards for teams. Players in this section are very good for flipping & overpriced selling. If you like to filter popular cards regarding price, version, or other attributes, you have the opportunity to open the "PGP”(Player Game Performance) section. I recommend using this feature because you can filter on your conditions and look up players, which are very demanded. These cards offer a good price fluctuation during the day and week overall because there is different supply & demand, which decreases or increases the price of a card.


FIFA 22 popular players


Cheapest players by rating

That's where you find the cheapest prices for all available ratings. It's interesting for upcoming SBCS and investing. I recommend checking the prices of the listings on the actual market because sometimes the first ones are more expensive due to demand. If you like to invest, go for good nations & no goalkeepers. You have to pay some more FUT coins on them, but they will be more demanded as soon as an SBC will be released (for example Parejo 86 instead of Handanovic 86).


cheapest players


Index 100

On the Index 100 tab, you can see the current market index and the momentum overall. That's where you could get inspiration on the whole situation. If the market is negative, it's a possible buy window. On the other hand, if he is positive, it's a good time to sell. To emphasize that, it's an index of the whole situation. Some cards could be up during a "negative" status and the other way around some cards could crash, if the market is "positive". It's just a tool to let you know what the current status overall is. Next to that, you'll find "Top up's & down's", where the biggest gains and losses in the price of cards are shown. Here you can find inspiration on current deals or future ones.


index 100


FUTBIN Tracker

One of my favorite features is the FUTBIN tracker, which combines everything you need to know to decide upcoming trades. You can list your buyings in the portfolio, see the development of their prices & track the current profit/loss with or without taxes. Next to that, you can add favorites to your watchlist, where you have many selected players on one page. That's where you can click through interesting players, which I recommend filling with players from the "popular" list. You'll see their price fluctuation of at least the last 72 hours or the last few days in general. It's a good tool to have everything together in one place and decide on buying or selling players. The tracker offers many more detailed statistics which are useful for trading like "average sell price" from the last day(s), "current lowest BIN", and even sales on the market are listed as well. Last but not least you have a "Top Movers” tab, where you see the biggest price decreases and increases in the last 4 or 24 hours. That's important to find current deals. On the other hand, you'll find "pricing errors", where someone undercuts the actual current price on the transfer market. You could check the real price on the market and start sniping if it's valuable to buy for the FUTBIN listing.


FUTBIN Tracker


SBC solutions

FUTBIN offers the possibility to create SBC solutions in order to complete them as cheap as possible. That's where you can look up difficult ones, which you can't complete by yourself. You can even trade with this information. There is a specific trading method which is based on using those FUTBIN solutions. We explain it in the lesson "The FUTBIN method".



There are many useful tools & information on FUTBIN, which makes it pretty easy to build up possible trades. No matter if you're on the mobile phone or on the computer, FUTBIN is the second most important tab to have opened next to the WebApp. Just look up the different areas and try to get along with them.

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