How to Transfer Coins Safely on FIFA 22?

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Here is how to do it the right way since y'all keep asking (always remember that transferring FIFA 22 coins is not legal and is always at your own risk):


1. You have an account with 20-2000K on it and you didn't already run out of club creations so you're able to delete your club (you have to be able to delete your club to delete the last footprints)


2. You choose a player from best cards to use and add the 70% rule to it. The 70% rule means that you list a player at 70% of his maximum price (so if we take Milinković-Savić 86 IF; His maximum price range is 200K (200K x 70% = 140K, so you don't list him higher than 139-140K)


Any player can be used for this, but it is best to transfer between 50-200K per day to avoid the risk of a ban. 


3. Bid at the player or buy him straight away, there is no difference between these 2. I prefer to buy straight away since you don't have to wait for your coins to arrive.


4. Wait at least 24-48 hours until you transfer some of your coins again. I recommend you wait at least 25 hours to be extra safe. Remember: It's a marathon, not a sprint.


Some extra tips and tricks



If you are willing to transfer:

- 0-100K per day > 4-6 transfers a week is doable.

- 100-200K per day > 2-4 transfers per week is okay.

- Anythings higher than 200K can be doable aswell but I don't have experience in this so I won't recommend it.


Keep in mind: “the less cards you transfer per 24-48 hours, the less chance you have of getting banned.” Can't stress this enough but only use 1 card per day!


My strategy/advice: I'm currently using Milinković-Savić (a price range of 200K). I list him for 129K (even less than the 70% rule, to be extra sure). I buy him straight away and wait longer than 24 hours before I transfer any coins again. [1 transaction/card per day!] When I've done this 2 days in a row, I wait 1 day and start transferring again after the 24 hours cooldown. I don't rush anything. Just think it's a nice addition to your main account giving you an extra kind of income on FIFA 22. When I have deleted my SBC account 3x I stop on that account and create a new SBC account.


Rule Checklist:


- Using 70% rule

- Once every 24-48 hours

- Don't rush anything, take it easy and profit from it at the long term, there's nothing like fast money/coins (or you need to pack someone like Mbappé or Ronaldo on your main account but we know we won't).

- Do it at your own risk, when you are satisfied with what you have at your main account, sell your coins at your SBC account, open packs with it or give the account to a friend, there is no reason to transfer it then.


My experiences: I'm used to do SBC accounts on FIFA 18-21 and I didn't have a bad feeling about it. On FIFA 22, it was a bit different. On my first coins transfer, I stressed it to death as I already had 1M+ on my main account. But I just did it and it went very well. Since then I've been transferring coins on FIFA 22 (for 2 weeks now) and have never had a ban in the years I've been playing FIFA, I hope this reassures some people a bit.


Good luck transferring your coins and let's hope nobody gets banned from now on.


If there are any questions or things missing, please let me know so we can all get the most out of it! 


(And tell us your success story if after 24 hours/several days you are still not transfer banned as you would like good luck).


Disclaimer: As I have said before, this is no guarantee of success. This is the best way I have used and seen in the last few weeks after hearing and applying several of your stories to this method. Everything is still at your own risk.

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