FIFA 22: Upgrade Probabilities of The RTTK Cards

FIFA 22 Date: Oct/28/21 15:15:26 Views: 6474

The games of the European stage will return next week, the perfect time for us to take a look:


Which ones look interesting?

How likely are they to be upgraded?


Often there is confusion about how the cards are upgraded, so we have always added a small card to our examples to demonstrate this to you. RTTK card upgrades are kept the same as FIFA 22 Team of the Week card upgrades.


If you don't know exactly how they work, take a look again:

· 77 - 78 → +4 Upgrade

· 79 - 81 → +3 Upgrade

· 82 - 84 → +2 Upgrade

· 85 - 98 → +1 Upgrade


The Champions League participants!

We have picked out 5 cards from the Champions League that we have a look at.


Group B

Here, both Robertson and Tonali are fighting in a group for their updates. While one is sure to get an upgrade, the other is just as sure not to get one at all.


Liverpool & Robertson:

Jurgen Klopp's team is currently on an unparalleled run, probably the card with the highest probability of getting an update. Since it already has 88, it can get a maximum of 2x +1.




AC Milan & Tonali

AC Milan have not won a game in the group so far and lost to FC Porto right after the start of the RTTK promo. In the league, AC Milan have found their form with two wins from two games. Can they take this form into the Champions League and fight their way back into the group?




Group C

BVB is and remains a sure bet for the next round but will it be enough for a double upgrade of Reus?

After the disastrous defeat against Ajax, BVB must win all their games now. Nevertheless, Reus is already one of the best CAMs in the Bundesliga, thanks to the pace upgrade!




Group D

The group is upside down: Sheriff Tiraspol greets us from above, they beat Donetsk and Real Madrid. But they couldn't take any points from Inter, Vidal got the first of 3 wins for his upgrade. Furthermore, Inter will play the return match on 3.11.2021 directly against Sheriff again, a chance to increase the chance for the double upgrade.




Group F

Villarreal FC had a very bad start in the Champions League with one draw and one defeat. They recovered from that with a 4:1 win against Young Boys and the return match awaits next week. A good starting position, but the table is incredibly close - anyone can still end up anywhere. Danjuma could be a risk for everyone, especially in terms of your FIFA 22 coins, so be careful!




The Europa League Cards

In the Europa League, two very good cards in particular await us, maybe even three with Diatta.  We decided to take a close look at the upgrade probability of Tapsoba and lsak.


Group B

Real Sociedad started the Europa League with two draws and only managed their first win in the third match. In LaLiga they have a great form and are top of the table, in the Europa League they will aim for the same. Isaak could become the best striker in LaLiga if he gets both upgrades, the probability increased enormously with the first win against Sturm Graz.




Group D

Bayer 04 Leverkusen take the Europa League as seriously as they can. With two wins and a draw, they are in first place ahead of Real Betis, who are level on points. The draw in the direct duel took place on the last matchday and the next duel is again against Betis - that will decide about a single or double upgrade.




The UEFA Europa Conference League Player

In the end, we only chose one player from the Conference League: Hamari Traore of Stade  Rennes, as he is the only good alternative to PSG'S Hakimi in Ligue 1.


In Group G, Rennes will play Vitesse Arnhem and Tottenham Spurs for a place in the knockout rounds, currently leading the table by one point. The advantage for Rennes could be that they play NS Mura again next week and Rennes won the first leg 2-1. Another win in the second leg gets them in a tremendous position to secure the double upgrade.



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