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Hello and welcome to our format “Market watch” where we give you the latest news from the FUT market. We look back at the market happenings and give you learnings in order to handle every situation right in order to make FIFA coins.


High Rated Gold cards offer a great investment opportunity, since there is always demand due to new Squad Building Challenges, but this year they have quite an unusual price development. This Market Watch has a closer look at their potential future in terms of price.


Fodder cards: Falling off the grid


Investing is the most popular trading method in the game since “Ultimate Team” is available. It’s all about buying cards, which are required soon for example in Squad Building Challenges in order to sell with profit due to high demand. High Rated Gold cards are also referred to as “Fodder”, since most of them aren’t used in squads anymore, but instead in SBCs to achieve a certain team rating.

Usually those “Fodder” cards are developing pretty well in price in the long run. That’s mainly because of more and better content releases while the game moves on in his one year cycle. But this year it seems like it’s not the typical case at all.


If we look at the development of the same Fodder card from last year, we will spot a continuous rise from October to January.


Example: FIFA 21 - Jan Oblak (91 - Gold)


FIFA 21 Jan Oblak


The price of this card is rising from week to week due to content releases and its requirements.


Now let’s take a look at the current development of the same card this year.


Example: FIFA 22 - Jan Oblak (91 - Gold)


FIFA 22 Jan Oblak


The price of the card was rising pretty well until the end of November and fell back afterwards, even while content releases happened.


As we can see there is no continuous rise in price. The price dropped back to the niveau from early November even though we had good content pieces with appropriate requirements like several Icon SBCs, Promo SBC cards & more. But why is that?




After the last year the publisher puts value on recycling SBCs. We have many “Upgrade SBCs” in front and during content which requires rating. We’re talking about player picks, 81+ upgrades or even better ones like 3x 85+. Next to that, promos like “Swaps” offer the possibility to pack 25x 81+, 25x 82+ or even 25x 83+. Their focus has changed. It’s pretty easy to gain Fodder from recycling or just playing the game which makes it at least a bit unnecessary to buy whole Squads in order to complete Squad Building Challenges because you can recycle them yourself.


Preview Packs


Preview Packs have a massive impact on the market this year. It’s like everyone has one free pack every day! If you preview something, which will earn you a profit after selling, you’ll open the pack and list the cards on the market. It’s a huge difference and flushes the market with more supply.


Is “Overinvesting” happening?


At many stages of the game where people expect rises, due to their experience from the last year, they are talking from overinvesting. There are several new social media platforms like TikTok, where everyone can reach a big mass of people without actual reach, which have an impact on the market.

Many more players are trying themselves in trading and start to invest in order to gain some coins. The reason where people talk about overinvesting is because of the massive supply due to many people investing which shall overpower the actual demand. Even though there are a bunch of more people involved in the business, there is no way to overinvest if the content is good and demanded. In my opinion there will always be more players who just go with the current market and do Squad Building Challenges without thinking about investing in the first place. So the demand will always be higher than the supply or the investments if the content is right.


The Breakthrough is coming!


Now we’re going into the most anticipated promo of the year with “Team Of The Year” where we will get even more good content with possible Icon upgrades, Icon player picks and flashback cards. I think at this point, the Icon player pick, which is rumored to be coming in the next few days, will be the gamechanger to Fodder and will take it to the peak of this year. But we’ll see! Take a look at our other trading methods which are working well and are mostly not that depending on content releases if you’re interested in trading.

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