FIFA 22: How Do You Keep The Right Mindset?

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With all the content we provide on how to improve, it is important at times to take a step back and look at the big picture. Having fun playing the game, seeing it as a challenge, and not getting frustrated if things aren't going your way altogether form the right mindset to improve and enjoy the process at the same time!


A new and different game 

Compared to transitions in the past, the game this year is quite different from 21 and so adjusting to the new balancing and metagame is going to take time. It is one of the challenges we players have with this title, we need to re-learn the game every single year and as we all have different playstyles, one year it might come easier and another year slower. The important thing here is that you don't get frustrated with yourself or the game. The season is long and the game is only out for a little longer than two weeks. By no means does everything need to click already and so you shouldn't worry if right now your results don't match your expectations.


Try to see this situation from a different perspective: as a fun challenge to learn the new game and adjust your playstyle. Give yourself time, it's not a sprint but rather a marathon. And sometimes it needs a step back to move two steps forward - who knows, maybe in one or two months, you will play the best you have ever played after improving steadily.


How to improve

Speaking of improving, there are a few basic rules you should follow if you want to get better:


· Don't blame the game, instead try to go along with it and understand the way it's balanced (of course bullshit will happen sometimes, but the question is if you will blame that for the results instead of mistakes you are making)

· Figure out ways to adjust, e.g. using more second man press in defense or dribbling differently to avoid losing the ball (you can find lots of suggestions in all our lessons)

· Make a list of the things you are struggling with and focus on 1-2 things at a time

· watch our tutorials to get inspiration and tips on certain topics

· watch good players play live on twitch and analyze their playstyle

· Finally practice in-game and push yourself to get out of your old habits and try new things! The most important factor is your mindset towards the game and yourself. Do you see the game as a burden to play that's no fun? Then it is honestly better to take a break or stop playing. But if you can see it as a fun challenge, things will come much easier. And towards yourself, you should have believed that you can and will improve if you focus up and invest your time efficiently.


Approaching the competitive FUT game modes

With the big changes to Division Rivals and FUT Champions, you also need to find a groove for these game modes. The systems are totally different and so you might end up in a different division than last year at first or you might struggle to qualify for the Champions Finals on the weekend.


Don't give up in frustration right away if these first few weeks things didn't go your way. A lot of players are struggling and again it is about perspective. The Playoffs for example are already a part of FUT Champions, so even if you didn't manage to get into the Finals, you still played competitive games and earned rewards. There is less pressure this year to receive good rewards and SO you shouldn't worry about falling behind the curve too much.


Focus on your gameplay instead of the ranks and practice efficiently. Adapt on the areas you struggle with, we got lessons on defending, creating chances, finishing, skill moves, and much more coming to guide you along the way! In the long run, you will improve and get the results you are hoping for! 

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